Within the European Parliament there are political groups, which bring together deputies from member states on the grounds of their political views. During the present parliamentary term there are seven political groups active.

The Group of the European People’s Party (EPP) unites centre and centre-right pro-European political forces from the Member States of the EU. Its Polish members are politicians from The Polish People’s Party and the Civic Platform. Together we comprise the EPP Polish Delegation consisting in 23 members. This is the second largest national delegation in the Group (the German delegation is the largest one). The Group represented by 220 members enjoys clear majority in the European Parliament.

Therefore, the Group has the greatest influence on shaping an agenda while Parliament’s sittings and on voting’s outcomes during debates on key issues. The Group has the highest percentage of outvoted/approved projects since 1999, which assures about its strong position at the Parliament.

Being a major party in the Parliament means also that a lot of EPP members hold key posts at the Parliament. Holding such posts in parliamentary committees gives the EPP members a great influence on the European Parliament’s stand on key draft legislative acts and other important reports. The EPP members prepare reports on vital subjects more often than members of any other group at the Parliament.

The Group works consequently on creating a more competitive and democratic Europe, which is closer to its citizens and supporting the social market economy. The Group supports also the vision of the federal, democratic, transparent and effective Europe grounded in the principle of subsidiarity. In our activity we aim at guaranteeing peace and welfare of our citizens.

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The largest political group in the European Parliament

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